The 12th HMBA season is set to begin but first up is the HMBA Draft on October 2, 2016 at 8pm. You can get draft updates by following us on Twitter (@HamiltonMBA) and we’ll post the results here later that night.

This year we’ll be playing all games at Sherwood Secondary School located at 25 High St, Hamilton, ON L8T 3Z4. Sherwood has a great court and is in a more central location than Churchill which is a bonus for us.

Games start on October 16 at 6pm. See the Schedule page on our website for a complete look at the upcoming season and in case you didn’t read the rules, here are some of the rules that you need to know before stepping on the court:

Standard basketball rules apply with the following exceptions:

  1. A brief opening prayer (du’a) must be made at centre court before each game
  2. Games will stop for mandatory prayers. All Muslims are encouraged to participate in the prayer. Non-Muslims are also welcome to participate. Anyone not participating in the prayer is asked to keep quiet until the conclusion of the prayer.
  3. A brief “2 Minute Timeout” talk will take place after the prayer. This talk is not religion specific so EVERYONE is encouraged to listen.
  4. Each game consists of two twenty minute halves.
  5. The last two minutes of regular season games is stop-time, only if the score is within five points or less. The clock will be stopped after whistles and will continue to run after made baskets. The clock will stop after made baskets in the last 60 seconds of the game only.
  6. During the playoffs, the clock will stop after every whistle. In the last 2 minutes of a playoff game, the clock will stop after every whistle and after every made basket.
  7. Absolutely NO foul language will be tolerated. A technical foul will be issued to the offending player for each infraction.
  8. Players have 8 seconds to cross the half court line from their own defensive zone.
  9. A player will be ejected from the game after two technical fouls.
  10. A player will be suspended for one game after accumulating five technical fouls.
  11. Each team gets 2 – 30 second timeouts per half.
  12. Each timeout will be limited to 30 seconds. The first horn will be sounded at 20 seconds followed by the second horn at 30 seconds.
  13. After a timeout, in the last two minutes of the game, the team will inbound the ball at half court.
  14. Timeouts do not carry over into overtime.
  15. Teams will get only one timeout per overtime period.
  16. If a game is tied at the end of regulation time, there will be one 3 minute overtime period. If the game is still tied at the end of the first overtime period, subsequent overtime periods of 2 minutes will be played until a winner is decided.
  17. Only the last minute of an overtime period will be stop time, and only if the score is within five points or less.
  18. Absolutely NO REFUNDS for cancellation, withdrawal, or ejection from the league.
  19. Players who miss 3 games in a row without informing the league or their captain, will be ejected from the league without refund.
  20. Players who miss an unreasonable number of games throughout the course of a season will also be ejected from the league without refund. The exact number of missed games deemed as unreasonable will be left to the discretion of league officials.
  21. Players will be issued one official numbered HMBA jersey that is to be reused for subsequent seasons. Players are responsible for keeping their uniforms.
  22. An official replacement HMBA jersey can be purchased for $40, subject to availability.
  23. Players must wear their own official HMBA uniform to all games.
  24. Referees are to be respected at all times. Any disagreement regarding calls or missed calls must be expressed respectfully. Any concerns with the referees can be directed to your team captain.
  25. All players and guests are expected to behave at a high standard of morals and good character both on and off the court. This includes behavior in the halls, washrooms, parking lot etc.
  26. Minimum player age is 16 years old. Players 14-16 years of age that start for their high school varsity basketball team may contact league organizers for a tryout.
  27. Maximum player age is 40 years old. Players older than 40 years of age that wish to participate, must have the athleticism and skill required to compete at a competitive level.
  28. The game clock will start running five minutes after scheduled start time if there are not enough players to field a team. A team with less than 4 players after 15 minutes past the scheduled start time will forfeit the game to the other team.
  29. Absolutely no spectators allowed on the score table side of the gym. Spectators include registered HMBA players whose team is not currently playing. Players are expected to wait on the spectator side of the gym until the preceding game is over. They are also expected to clear their bench and move to the change rooms immediately following their game.
  30. Players are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. This includes water bottles, energy drinks etc. left near their benches and all garbage left in the bleachers or elsewhere on school property.
  31. On free-throw attempts, the ball becomes live after the ball is released from the player’s hand.
  32. Non-Muslim friends that wish to register MUST be referred by a current or former HMBA player.
  33. If there is no season due to reason such as lack of participation, lack of gym availability, etc., there is no guarantee of a full refund (due to expenses already paid).

May Allah bless our season and protect us all from injury. Ameen.


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